Log #88 – A new scanner and a strange person.

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I flew to Lorville to have a new scanner installed. But I had the feeling that I had been scanned.

Nowhere in the Stanton system were as many security forces as in Lorville. But I had to come here. Despite my worries that someone might recognize me. Here, someone could install a new scanner in my Cutlass, underhand. A scanner that could locate mineable ores and minerals.

And that scanner was what I needed. I got a tip on GrimHex where I could dust a used ROC. That gave me the opportunity to get back into mining. That was my best source of income so far. Since my Prospector was still in repair, this mining vehicle was my best option. 

After landing I walked through the Teasa Spaceport to the Mass Transit System. People were all staring at me. Or was it my imagination? I looked at the monitors to see if another picture of me had been published. There was nothing. Probably just my imagination. Just this one guy, he was really watching me. I was sure.

At the Metro Center Station I got off the train and went to the Admin Office. Here I was supposed to get the contact details of the guy who could install the scanner for me. Something was weird. The guy in the admin office kept his distance. He didn’t show up at the counter. As if he wanted to have a safe distance to me. What was he afraid of? 
After he gave me the contact details, he told me to leave the admin office quickly. When I stepped outside the door I saw him again. The guy from the spaceport who had been watching me. He was standing a bit away. As if he was waiting. Who was he? A bounty hunter? A UEE agent?  

I felt uneasy about it. I went down the stairs towards Tammany and Sons. At the bottom of the stairs I quickly turned off into the Workers Area. I was hoping to get to the Metro station unnoticed here underground. I had to go back to the Spaceport, where the technician was waiting for me.
Apart from a lot of security guards, no one was here. Nobody seemed to follow me either. When I was back on the train to the spaceport I took a deep breath. Maybe I was just imagining everything.

When I arrived at the Spaceport I went up the stairs to the terminals. At the top I could not believe my eyes. There he was again, right at the entrance of the New Deal ship showroom. Damn, how did he get here so fast? And why did he follow me? With quick steps I went to the elevators and drove to the hangar to meet the technician. He told me that the remodeling could take a while and that I should go for a drink.

What else could I do. Maybe the publicity of a bar gave me some protection. So I drove back to the Workers District and went to the M&V Bar. I ordered a beer and there he was again. My stalker. He came up to me. I thought about running away. But it was too late. He stood right in front of me and said quietly: “Be on guard. Shubin forgets and does not forgive. I speak from experience.”. As quickly as he had come, he was gone again.