My name is Zero Sense. I was born on the desert planet Ashana in the Nul system. In my childhood, the black market in the wreckage of the crashed Olympus was my playground and home. My life was shaped by shady characters, upright people and a dislike for the Empire.

I am not a pirate, nor am I a bad person, but the paternalism of the UEE is a thorn in my side. Whoever wants to consume E’tam should have the freedom to do so.

Driven by a spirit of discovery and a desire for a better, independent life, I seek my place in the Verse. Things don’t always go as planned, but I don’t let it get me down and I go my way. A path on the edge of legality, a path of freedom and independence.

Stories 1-99: Agent against will.

Stories up to 100 – 138: Clarification of the plot in Stanton.

Stories up to 139 – 175: Special transports and the attempt to help.