Log #87 – Hardly any drug demand

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And again I had drugs that I could not sell.

That could not be true. I hit the terminal with my flat hand. I would have liked to hit my head against it. Behind me the guy from the admin office was growling something. He told me not to break the thing or something like that. Joker, the screen flickered like a hell, I couldn’t break much more than that.

So there I stood in the small room on GrimHex. In the hangar was my Cutlass with a load of drugs. I had made another flight to supply the drug lab with raw materials. I took some drugs with me to sell them for a profit. And now I couldn’t get rid of the stuff. Again. I guess I had not learned anything.

After I sold a small part I went to the main hall. In this shithole there must be somebody who wanted the stuff. I went to the bar, the sleeping area, the race track. Nothing. Nobody wanted to buy the amount I had. And always selling small amounts would take forever. I didn’t want to sit on the drugs that long. And than, the scrap yard on the planet Hurston came into my mind. They bought everything, even larger quantities.

I hurried to my Cutlass and started the navigation computer. OK, Hurston and then… Son of a bitch. I didn’t have the coordinates from the junkyard anymore. Frustrated, I turned off the computer. The hum of the fan stopped. I was surrounded by absolute silence. A silence that was calming. A silence where I could hear my thoughts. The silence broke like a glass when a loud bang whipped through the air. Somewhere one of the hangar doors was opened and gave a view of the asteroids. Asteroids. That was it. The space station between the asteroids at CRU-L5 had a black market.

After a long quantum flight I headed for the station. So far I had luck. The security had not controlled me. Not yet. Hopefully it stayed that way. I had a contact to my left. It was a Cutlass. No threat. Without problems I touched down on the landing pad.

After landing I wandered around the station.  I had not been here for a long time and didn’t know where to go. Of course I went in the wrong direction at first. After a while I found what I was looking for.  Unfortunately I could only sell the SLAM. The other drugs I was stuck on.

I went to the observation deck and thought about how to go on. Some business traveler sat down next to me and talked stupidly to me from the side. I couldn’t stand those jerks. It was time to return to GrimHex. I had to prepare myself for the fact that I would be there for a long time until I had sold all the drugs.