Character (in game)

My name is Zero Sense. I was born on the desert planet Ashana in the Nul system. In my childhood the black market in the wreck of the crashed Olympus was my playground and home. My life was shaped by shady characters, upright people and a dislike for the Empire. I am not a pirate, nor am I a bad person, but the paternalism of the UEE is a thorn in my side. Those who want to consume E’tam should have the freedom to do so. Driven by a spirit of discovery and a desire for a better, independent life, I seek my place in the Verse. Things don’t always go as planned, but I don’t let it get me down and I go my way. A path on the edge of legality, a path of freedom and independence.


The ‘White-Rabbit’ is the starship of Zero Sense. A Mercury Star Runner from Crusader Industries. The Mercury Star Runner is a courier ship specializing in the fast and discreet transfer of small quantities of goods or data. It is equipped with special data storage computers and “smuggler’s rooms.” The Star Runner’s strengths lie not in combat, but in speed. This makes it the ideal ship for Zero Sense to conduct its not-so-legal business, deliveries and hacks. Zero has optimized its ‘White-Rabbit’. Especially with stealth components to stay as undetected and under the radar as possible.


The stories of Zero Sense are set in the Star Citizen universe and within the Star Citizen Lore. To create a special framework for Zero Sense and the other characters involved, the Star Citizen Lore is supplemented. The stories themselves are created during roleplay in the Star Citizen game. So they are real experiences from the game, sometimes embellished and adapted a bit.
The stories come from a Star Citizen fan, I have no connection to CIG.