Log #89 – First mining with the ROC

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Mining with the ROC and a stupid accident like it could only happen to me.

When I opened my eyes the living area of my Cutlass was flooded with light. If you could call the rear cockpit section with the bunk bed living area. Carefully I raised my head and sat down. I let my legs hang over the edge of the bed and looked down on me. I was still wearing the space suit.

I had fallen into bed completely exhausted the night before. Besides, I had not drunk enough. My head was throbbing. Still half asleep I staggered to the cupboard. With one hand I leaned against the wall, with the other I took a bottle of water. How long had I slept? The sun was already high in the sky above the desert moon Daymar. I tipped the bottle of water down in one go.

Hopefully it was not too hot already. I went into the cargo hold, opened the loading ramp and went outside to check the situation. A sandstorm was raging. The conditions were not ideal. I decided to wait a little longer.

Since days I was on Daymar with my newly acquired ROC to mine Hadanite. Actually it went quite well. There were not too many Hadanite deposits, but more than I thought. It just took a while to load the ROC full. So it went on for days. Problem was that the Cutlass had no toilet and no bath.  

When the storm had calmed down I opened the doors of the Cutlass again and made the ROC ready to go. I sat down in the seat and stretched again before closing the entrance. The tiredness was still in my bones. I started the engine and drove backwards down the ramp.

I bumped a bit when I drove over a rock slab. Then the world around me was suddenly twisted. Down below was suddenly in the back. I stared into the blue sky. I couldn’t see the brown of the desert anymore. I was hanging in my seat and blood shot into my head. With difficulty I climbed out of the vehicle and looked at the diaster. The car had tilted backwards and stood upright.

This shit could only happen to me. At least nothing was broken, the ROC could take a lot. With the Cutlass I was able to give it a push and get it back on its wheels. I was able to keep on mining Hadanite. Could have been worse.

When the ROC was finally fully loaded I flew to Port Olisar to sell the Hadanite to the free peoples. The profit was considerable. Over 220.000 credits. And it helped the free peoples. Hopefully the export was not stopped soon. The information we had from the recovered data did not give us a good idea.