Log #83 – Parties and conspiracy reports

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I was getting goods for the opening party of the Microtech flagship store and received disturbing informations.

“Hey, sweetie, you coming to the party?” The soft, warm voice was a stark contrast to the harsh, cold storm raging beyond the large panoramic window of the New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport. Actually I wanted to hand over my scanner data to Marsden Analytics, but this invitation gave me a spontaneous idea.

In New Babbage the new Microtech flagship store opened in a few days. A big party was planned for this occasion. I thought I could contribute something special to the big event and earn good money. “Thanks for the idea,” I said to the girl. She looked at me confused as I went back to the hangar.

The best alcohol in the Stanton system you can get was from my old buddy Ken Gallete. I flew to his little farm on the Crusader moon Cellin. During the quantum flights I opened the page of Off The Record. To my amazement I saw that Brubacker actually reported on the conspiracy of the corporations and the plan to close Port Olisar. I was impressed, Brubacker had more courage than I thought.

Some time later I arrived at Gallete Family Farms. The landing there was difficult. The terrain was littered with rocks. I cursed why Ken couldn’t make room or build a landing pad. I manoeuvred my Cutlass back and forth. Carefully I touched down on the only halfway flat area next to the building. I switched off the engines and took a deep breath.

Shortly afterwards I entered the building. With a loud hiss the airlock opened. I took off my helmet and called for Ken. No answer. Only the hum of a generator could be heard. The building was empty. Probably Ken was hanging out at GrimHex again. 

At least his storage facilities were full. I was able to fill the Cutlass completely. But I left a little room for another special cargo. I confirmed the transaction on the trading terminal and took off again.

On the way back to Microtech I made a detour to get some E’tam. The risk of getting caught was small. Lately there have been few controls. But the joy of the party people of New Babbage should be even greater.

The next day I handed over my scanner data to Marsden Analytics. The owners invited me to Wally’s Bar in the evening. They told me that they had seen me on TV and that they thought it was great that I would support the free peoples. My back got cold. 

The story that Brubacker had published was also reported on Space Television Network. With a picture of me and Brubacker at the handover. Damn it, my face was public knowledge. That made me a target. I had to disappear, as quickly as possible.