Log #72 – Another Twitch mission

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Tecia Pacheco offered me another mission. I accepted and this time everything was different.

I was finally successful with mining and was able to legally earn money when an invitation came from Tecia Pacheco. My last mission for her was drug-related and dangerous. It wasn’t a good thing, but I couldn’t do a woman like Twitch no favor. So I made my way to the planet ArcCorp to meet her.

I met Twitch in the Area18 metropolis. The mission sounded like last one. I should get a package of drugs from a warehouse. The warehouse was guarded and resistance was to be expected. This time, however, she did not provide me with a ship. I had to take my Cutlass.

I remembered air defense on the last mission. In order to remain undetected and to minimize my risk, I landed 10 km away from the warehouse. I drove to my destination with the Tumbril Cyclon. Sometimes it was not easy to find a way between the rocks. Again and again I drove to a dead end.

At some point I came into open terrain and it went faster. The closer I got to the camp, the bigger my bad feeling became. Should I have better rejected the mission? And then a contact appeared on the radar, right on my destination. It was a MISC Freelancer. Was it drug couriers that cleared the warehouse? Was I late? Or was my mission exposed and BlacJac Security was already waiting for me?

I didn’t like it. I had an extremely queasy feeling. I carefully approached the warehouse. To my surprise, there were no turrets. I turned off the cyclon and walked to the freelancer. I expected an ambush behind each container. My hands were shaking. But nobody was there, the Freelancer was abandoned.

I went to the entrance to the camp. I carefully went up the ramp. I tried to be as quiet as possible. Then I heard a noise behind me, it came from the Freelancer. I quickly turned around. I breathed heavily and my eyes narrowed. But I couldn’t see anything. The Freelancer was still abandoned. The imagination went through with me.

I took a deep breath and walked carefully into the warehouse. My eyes quickly getting used to the dim light. I was standing in front of a freight elevator that led down. There was nothing else here. The camp was underground. Great, I had to go down defenseless in an open elevator. Since I had no other choice, I pressed the button. I pressed again and again. Nothing happened.

The second switch also did not set the elevator in motion. Was that my problem if the shitty technology didn’t work? Twitch couldn’t expect from me to do miracles. I thought “fuck it”, I did run to my Cyclon and drove back to the Cutlass.

Back in Area18, the first thing I did was go to the G-Loc bar. I needed a drink to calm my nerves. Somehow I was glad the elevator wasn’t working. Who knows what would have expected me in the bunker. Maybe the Freelancer was from another idiot that Twitch had commissioned before me and that hadn’t survived.