Log # 71 – Successful mining

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I was lucky with mining, made good money and could buy better equipment.

I continued my mining activities around Port Olisar. I also flew to the moons Yela and Celin. But finally returned to Daymar. Was it profit or was it that the moon Daymar reminded me of the desert on my home world Ashana? I didn’t really know.

The only problem on Daymar was the sandstorms. Visibility was poor during a storm and mining outside the ship using the mining tool was difficult. Sometimes the storms were so strong that I quickly had to find shelter in the ship or I could not leave the ship at all.

I preferred mining at the North Pole or South Pole. The sun didn’t set there and there was always good light. The approach took a little longer than jumping directly to an outpost, but you were alone and not afraid of being attacked.

One day the scanner showed me lots of small chunks for the hand mining laser. At first I thought I had found an unknown cave. I curiously flew to the spot. But I couldn’t see a cave entrance. When I got closer I saw that there were actually 16 chunks of Hadanite. It was incredible, I could hardly believe my luck.

I landed and immediately got to work. The long outdoor work would put my suit to the test. A storm started. But I was lucky. It was not strong and I could continue to work. I worked tirelessly, mining chunks for chunks.

After a while I had two boxes full of Hadanite and still hadn’t broken down all the chunks. I already had a dry throat and extreme thirst. My eyes slowly became blurred, my concentration decreased. But I didn’t want to take a break and finish as soon as possible. The work continued.

When the last chunk was broken down I came back into the ship exhausted. I took off my helmet and coughed violently. Fortunately, the Prospector had a kitchen. I poured down the first glass of water in one go. I had to cough again. I filled a second glass of water and sat on one of the boxes.

After a little rest, I flew back to Port Olisar. I had made some money by now. Enough to buy a Helix mining laser head. I went straight to Dumpers Depot and went shopping.

Mining was much easier with the Helix. I was also able to mine large and unstable rocks. Over time, I specialized in Agricium. Mining became a very profitable business for me.