Log #73 – Arrival in New Babbage

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I had my first night in New Babbage. I crashed.

The laser beams flashed over my head like lightning. I moved through the dim light as if I was in a trance. I was intoxicated by the music. As soon as it was dark, Wally’s Bar turned into a large party zone.

I had bought new clothes for the evening. At first I felt a little ridiculous in the fumble. But I wasn’t the only madman here. People were nice, they loved to party. But nobody wanted to buy the drugs that I had brought with me.

So I celebrated exuberantly. I drank one drink after the other. My movements became more uncoordinated. I held on to the bar and took the next drink. At some point my stomach asked for solid food. I went to Whammer’s and got a burger. That was the last thing I could remember that evening.

When the quarantine on the planet Microtec had been lifted, I was on my way. I had heard some stories from the party people in New Babbage, but had never been there before. I thought when you celebrate a lot, you like to take a few stimulants.

Wallace Klim told me to look out for Eddie Parr. He would be the right man for particularly good business. But I couldn’t find Eddie anywhere. It was probably a bit naive of me to simply bring a load of E’tam and Neon with me.

After the last night I had to get a clear and cool head again. I thought fresh air would do me some good.

I should have taken the sign on the door seriously. The cold outside was unbearable. I couldn’t think clearly out here. I needed a new plan.