Log #65 – Flight of the Carrack

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A test flight with the Carrack that impressed.

After years of announcements, Anvil launched the Carrack on the civil market. Test pilots were searched to make the last settings before the market launch. I volunteered.

Even in the hangar, I was impressed by the imposing ship. The ramp opened, revealing a large garage. I looked up at the cockpit, or rather the bridge. I was looking forward to the view you had to have there.

The way to the bridge was also impressive. The ship had 4 decks. The bridge spanned 2 decks. I walked through a long corridor, past the mess hall and the quarters. I felt like a famous captain.

First I had to go to an outpost to get a rover. The look down was better than in my Cutlass. The landing pad looked very small. I wondered if the Carrack would fit on there. I slowly approached. The ship was easy to steer and landing was no problem.

I got the rover and drove up the ramp to the garage. I was excited. The ramp was big, the garage was big. There was more than enough space. When I thought about the millimeters of work it took to get the Cyclon into the Cutlass. In the garage was a stopper, that you didn’t drive too close to the door. It was well thought out.

I made my way to Microtech. I explored the ship during the Quantum flight. The first thing I did was to go to the medical department. Gosh, there were 3 beds and an operation unit. The entire MedBay was designed as a quarantine station. There was more space here than in the entire sleeping area of ​​my Cutlass.

The mess hall also offered everything you needed to be on a mission for a long time. Lots of space, food, comfort. You could prepare food here. There were no ready-made porridge dispensers like in the Mole. I dreamed of exploring the vastness of the universe with this ship. My mind drifted away when an alarm sounded suddenly through the hallways.

I ran to the bridge. I saw on the displays that there were some irregularities in different systems. The ship was probably not yet fully developed. I had to go to a station.

I looked on the star map of the Hologlobe where the next station was. The handling of the hologram was simple and intuitive. I set a new course. And again I had to think about how rudimentary the handling in my Cutlass was.

A hangar was assigned to me at the station. Things were getting closer here. The hangar was not much wider than the ship. Thanks to the good visibility and good maneuverability, I wasn’t worried. I confidently steered the ship into the hangar and landed.

After a software update was installed, I continued. I flew out of the asteroid field, started the Quantum drive and flew on to Microtech.

When I arrived I flew over the surface for a while looking for a suitable landing site. Here I noticed that the size of the ship had its disadvantages. It was not so easy to find a good landing site. Especially not if the landing spot should be flat so that the ramp reached all the way to the floor.

After landing I stood on the upper bridge and was amazed. The view was amazing. How great it would be to stand here, discover new worlds and be the first person to see these worlds.

I left the ship and stood on a rock. I was in love, but not only with the ship, also with Microtech. I liked the planet. The air was cold, but clean. No dirt like on Hurston. There was vegetation as far as the eye could see and no skyscrapers like on ArcCorp.

Unfortunately I had to bring the ship back again. On the way back I looked at the rest of the ship. The hangar for the shuttle, the drone room, the cartography and the machine room, which also went over two decks.

I was really impressed with the ship. It feels like a home. I could well imagine being in space for a long time and not flying to any station. This is exactly what this ship was built for. It wasn’t designed to fly short distances and land over and over again. The Stanton system was too small for this ship. It had to go out into space and discover new worlds.