Log #66 – Attacks, Pirates and wrecks in Stanton

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Pirate activity in the Stanton system increased and I tried to find a safe way.

Violence in the Stanton system increased. Ships were attacked more and more. The situation was getting out of control. To strengthen the security forces, the Advocacy founded the Civilian Defense Force (CDF), a civilian militia.

A while ago I found clues to the pirate group Xeno Threat from the Pyro system in a wreck. The Nine Tails and Dusters have been active in the Stanton system for a long time. And now the Arlington Gang appeared. A group that was notorious for hijacking ships and who had recently tried to steal an Idris.

I didn’t know if that had anything to do with the hacker attack on the activists and me. But it was interesting that the CEO of Shubin Interstellar was also called Arlington. I had no idea if there was a connection, but Shubin was a shady company. And Shubing Mining would certainly not mind if the activists could no longer mine ores in the Stanton system and sell them to the free people.

I had to find out more about the background to avoid being crushed between the powers in this chaos. So I started investigating wrecks again.
I found the wreck of a constellation on Yela. A snowstorm raged, visibility was poor. I took what I could find with me. I couldn’t help the crew anymore.

Just like the last wreck, I found drugs. The ship had not only transported legal goods. Was that a coincidence or were the attacks targeted at smugglers? Then I would be in danger too. I had to stay under the radar.

I flew to GrimHex to sell the captured goods. To my surprise, nobody wanted to buy the stuff. It was strange as if I had no cargo with me.

When I got back to my ship the drugs and boxes were gone. Only the black box from the wreck was still there. Somehow someone could steal things from my locked ship. There were really strange things going on. Nobody was safe anymore.

I brought the black box to Port Olisar and handed it over to the authorities. Maybe they could get something out. My questions remained unanswered. I still had to look for gaps that I could slip through and stay out of the great game of powers.