Log #64 – Escape from GrimHex

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We had to smuggle things out of GrimHex.

After the accounts were hacked, it quickly became clear that neither the corporations nor the UEE were behind it. The trail led to GrimHex. But nobody knew who was responsible.
For security reasons, the activists wanted to clear their secret camp on GrimHex. The action had to remain secret. Whoever went against the activists on GrimHex should not take any notice.

We had to smuggle things out of GrimHex. To remain undetected we used the old destroyed cargo hangar. I was not the only one to help with the action. A Constellation was already there.

Many hands were really needed. The boxes that had to be removed were already stacked behind the bar.

There was no gravity in the destroyed cargo hangar. It was a strange feeling to plunge into the depths. My stomach turned every time. When I brought out the fifth box I felt sick. Not much was missing and I would have puked into my helmet.

When my boxes were in the ship, I made my way. In the Quantum flight I sat on the bed. I still had a strange feeling in my stomach.

The boxes were distributed to different locations. Some went to a hidden place on the planet Hurston.

Another part to an outpost on the moon Lyria. There were already two Freelancers. It was incredible how much support the active received.

I took the last shipment to the moon Wala. Here, the activists had also a secret base.

I still had the strange feeling in my stomach. I hoped something healthy would help. I flew to Baijini Point in orbit from ArcCorp. I drank a smoothie in a juice bar. After this action, a real drink would have been the best, but I wasn’t in the mood for that.