Log #62 – Lack of fuel when mining on Microtech

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A secret mining mission on Microtech became a beautiful and exciting experience.

An epidemic had broken out on Microtech. The whole planet was quarantined. The landing zone New Babbage was closed.

The activists believed that this was a good opportunity to secretly mine ores. They had organized an Argo Mole and I made my way to Microtech. I’ve never been to Microtech before. In order to remain undetected, I stayed away from populated areas. I went to the North Pole first.

The landscape had a fascinating beauty. It was barren, dark, almost black. Obsidian shone in the low sun, geysers spat out clouds. The Mole was not in a good condition. The middle mining laser failed again and again. I then had to switch to one of the side ones. Fortunately, the sun didn’t go down here and I could make repairs in the sunlight at any time.

The diversity of the landscape inspired me. I flew over one of the frozen seas. Of course I didn’t find any ores here. Only icebergs that protruded from the flat ice of the sea.

I came over a ridge and suddenly the snow was gone. A sea of ​​flowers spread out before me. Individual rocks were scattered across the landscape. Some had ores.

I was so tied up that I didn’t pay attention to the fuel gauge. Suddenly the on-board computer said that there were still 5% hydrogen left. A swear came over my lips. I couldn’t go back to Port Olisar directly. My only chance was Port Tressler in orbit from Microtech. But I didn’t know if I could make it to orbit.

I was still a few kilometers from Port Tressler. I already had the landing permit. Then it happened. 0% fuel. I slid towards the landing pad. The maneuver thrusters were still responding and I was able to make small corrections. I just didn’t know how to brake. 

The pad quickly came closer. The approach vector was good, but I was too fast. I extracted the landing gear. Shortly before I hit the pad I activated the reverse thrusters to break. I narrowed my eyes, hoping that some fuel was still there, and prepared myself for the impact. There was a crack, then I heard a voice. “Landing complete.”