Log #61 – An old smuggler acquaintance

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I met someone I wasn’t expecting and drug deals weren’t going as expected.

When I came out of the bar in GrimHex, the stickers with the smileys popped up on me. They seemed familiar to me somehow. I had seen them before, at a different place.

I slipped through the passage and followed the tunnel. It went down a demolished staircase. There was fog in the air. It was stuffy. Shadows from a fan danced on the floor and moved like ghosts through the fog. That seemed very familiar to me. It reminded me of … Levski … of …..

I came into a room where there was chaos. And there he was in front of me, Wallace Klim. Xeno Threat had increased their activities in the Pyro system. The route from the Nyx system to the Stanton system had become more unsafe. Wallace had therefore moved from Levski in the Nyx system to GrimHex in the Stanton system.

He talked about group called 30k squad. This group was the reason why many people lost their cargo.
He gave me a couple of jobs, nothing big. Bring a few boxes from A to B. Everything around Crusader, no great distances, no drugs.

I bought drugs at the Stash House where I had to bring the first delivery. I wanted to maximize my profit.

However, they did not want to buy the drugs at the junkyard on Daymar. They accepted the delivery and said I should go with the drugs again. What kind of black market was that. Should they suffocate in the sand of the sandstorms.

However, it wasn’t much better on GrimHex. Only very small quantities of the drugs were bought. The drug business was no longer what it used to be. It took me a while to sell my load.