Log #58 – Ores on the Moons from ArcCorp

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It was time to leave ArcCorp, but before that I wanted to do something.

The Intergalatic Aerospace Expo on ArcCorp was over. Time to leave this shrill city planet. It was a liberating feeling to leave the glaring lights of the city behind me and to fly in the soft light of the stars.

Before I flew back to Hurston, I wanted to scan ArcCorp’s two moons. I wanted a complete list of which ores I could find on which moon. This information could be useful for me and for others. Above all, I wanted to make them available to the freedom fighters who mined ores for the free peoples.

I started on Wala. If I found a rock with a high percentage of Taranite, I mined it. I ignored everything else. I didn’t want to spend too much time here.

The moon Lyria was next. I stayed true to my principle of not mining anything. Except for Taranite.

But then I found a field with 8 stones full of Hadanite. I became weak. I couldn’t ignore that. I landed and mined the stones with the multitool.

Later I found another field, this time with 7 stones with Hadanite. I landed again. The stones were on a slope. When I cracked them with the multitool, the crystals rolled down the slope. It was already dark. It didn’t make it easier to find the crystals, but my backpack was soon full. I packed everything in a box and went on.

I found more Hadanite. Lyria appeared to be full of Hadanite.

However, I looked at my instruments with concern. There were irregularities in the left engine and the first malfunctions. The ship started to vibrate.

The risk of failure was too high, I had to go back to ArcCorp. After landing I immediately went to the repair service. The necessary spare parts had to be ordered first. I was stuck on ArcCorp for now.