Log #57 – Activists Network in Loreville

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I delivered secret technology for an underground network in Loreville.

On Area18, I met one of the activists from Port Olisar. He told me that they wanted to build a new underground network in Loreville on the planet Hurston. I could help if I could unobtrusively bring encryption technology to Loreville for secret mailings.

The obvious is unsuspicious, I thought to myself. So I took a 600i from the IAE for a test flight. First I had to go Lyria to a mining outpost to get a Rover. The problem was that the place I had to pick up the package was not that easy to reach.

I went on in low level flight to remain undetected . The activists had a secret base on Lyria where they developed the encryption technique.

I could not land directly at the station. Because I did not want to reveal the location with the signature of the 600i. and there were so many rocks that it was hard to find a place to land with the big ship.

But even with the Rover it was hard to find a way between the rocks. Partly I had to drive over big rocks. That could not be good for the suspension. Finally I reach the station. It was well hidden in a crater and barely visible.

I picked up the package, drove back to the ship, and made my way to Hurston. The flight was very pleasant in the 600i. A ship from Origin could offer much more comfort than one from MISC or Drake. And I thought it was cool to be able to look through the glass on the Rover in the hold.

The plan was to land outside of Loreville and hand the package over to a contact at a gate. I landed 5 km away from the city. I wanted to take the Rover to the gate.

The Rover stood a bit diagonally on the elevator. I could only drive backwards to get from the elevator. I gave gas, a little too much gas. A loud crash shook the vehicle. I slid sideways down the slope with the Rover and had no control. I had forgotten the landing gear of the 600i was behind me and I crashed into it. The ship had not minded the Rover already. The front wheel was torn off.

I cursed and raged with anger at the rover’s faucets. That could not be true. How could I be so careless. The rover was scrap. I could not drive any longer. I had no choice, I had to take the package on foot to the gate 5 km away.

The contact man was waiting for me. It was one of the service technicians. It was just like me in Levski back then. At that time I was the service technician who took the parcels and smuggled them into the station.

When I got back to the 600i I first looted the bar. I was completely dying of the long walk. Back on ArcCorp, I gave the ship off again. No one had noticed what I had done during the test flight.