Log #59 – With the Argo Mole in the Aaron Halo asteroid belt.

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Since I ran out of money, I hired at ArcCorp Mining. With an Argo Mole I went to mining and I came back with sheet metal damage.

The repair of my Prospector took longer and life in Area18 was expensive. Money was running out, I had no choice. I signed up for ArcCorp Mining.

I was sent to the Aaron Halo asteroid belt with an Argo Mole. When I entered the hangar I stopped impressed. That was a big ship. Should I be on my own for several days with taht ship?

The stay on board was very pleasant. It was quite sterile, but there was everything you needed. A food station, a lounge area with a table and a separate sleeping area with shower and toilet. In principle like in my Prospector, only more space and a seat.

The ship was designed for a crew of 4. But it was easy to control alone. The problem was that you couldn’t operate the mining lasers from the pilot’s seat. I had to get up every time and climb down the ladder to the laser cabin.

In the beginning I was too far away from the asteroids. I then had to climb back up into the cockpit, reposition the ship and then climb down again. Over time, I positioned myself closer to the asteroids.

I sat in the laser cabin and worked on a large asteroid. When the asteroid broke apart, a very large fragment came straight to me. I sat motionless and watched on the rock that was getting closer. I could not steer the ship from the laser cabin and there was no time to climb up into the cockpit. I was thinking “shit” when the rock crashed into the ship.

I expected the glass to break and I would be blown out into space. I looked tensely to see if there were any cracks. There were none to be seen. I carefully pressed the button to move the cabin back to the rest position. I clutched at the chair, my knuckles turned white. The cabin reached its resting position with a jerk. The airlock to the ship opened. I breathed out the air I had held for the past few minutes. I jumped up from my chair and jumped into the ship.

The main cabin laser was broken. I had to use one of the side lasers. The way from the cockpit to the side laser cabins was much further. Nevertheless, I stayed in the Aaron Halo asteroid belt until the ore pockets of the Mole were full.