Log #55 – Ores for the Free Peoples Part 2

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Strange things happened on Port Olisar. And I was able to sell ores there for the free peoples.

Port Olisar had changed since my last stay. Strange figures ran about. The station was infiltrated by freedom fighters and activists. The mood on the station was tense. Something was going on. From time to time an announcement was heard. Apparently someone had hacked into the station’s systems. The voice spoke of a great injustice. The rest was not understandable in the strong noise.

I met a guy who wanted to buy ores and crystals from me. He took them out of the Stanton system, into systems that were not under the control of the UEE. There they could be bought by the free peoples. Exactly what I was looking for.

I started mining around Crusader. I sold the ores to my contact on Port Olisar. I mined ores on all three moons of Crusader. On Celin, Yela and Daymar.

I also mined ores in the asteroid belt of Yela. Some asteroids even had crystals that I could mine with the multitool. It was a nice change, mining in zero g. And the view was fantastic.

I began to document which ores I found on which moon. And how often they occurred. I flew over the moons surface and scanned the area. I felt like an explorer. I imagined what it would be like to discover foreign worlds. It started to make fun for me.

If only the constant failures of my Prospector had not been. Sometimes the scanner did not work. Sometimes the mining laser did not have enough energy. Then I could not even scratch the rock.

The old ship started to fall apart. I hoped she would hold together for a while longer.