Log #54 – Ores for the Free Peoples – Part 1

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I was looking for a way to sell ores without profit for the mega corporations.

The mining was successful. But as long as I sold the ores in Loreville only one had a benefit. Hurston Dynamics and the greedy Hurston family. The free peoples continued to be dependent on the mega corporations. I had to find a way to sell the ores without profit for the corporations. I decided to fly to GrimHex, there I would definitely find a way.

I did not want to go all the way to Crusader without ores. So I flew to the moon Aberdeen to mine, whatever was valuable. I concentrated on Taranite. It was easy to mine and of high value.

Whenever I found crystals, I took these too. From the high cockpit, the stones with the crystals were clearly visible. It looked quite different when I got out of the ship. The stones were hard to find in the high vegetation.

The dense atmosphere of Aberdeen was very gloomy. But it was much more pleasant than on Arial.

The bags of my Prospector were quickly full. I stayed to look for crystals. And then I found a field with 8 stones. That was like a jackpot. I was busy for a while.

With a full backpack and full ore bags I started the Quantum drive and flew to the gas giant Crusader.

After a long flight, I reached GrimHex without incident. The old mining station was well hidden in the asteroid belt of Crusaders Moon Yela. It was a retreat for criminals and pirates. And the right place to do business outside the laws of Stanton’s corporations.

Things did not work the way I thought. I could only sell the ores to a pirate clan. Nobody wanted to buy the crystals. I was already desperate. Then the guy in the admin office gave me a hint. I should fly to the space station Port Olisar. There, in Crusaders orbit, a party was about to start.