Log #51 – Missing Person

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I was looking for a missing person in a cave and found interesting things.

I was back on the planet Hurston. In was in the Central Business District of Loreville. I had just sold a shipload of Medical Supplies when a couple of business guys approached me. A friend of them wanted to look at a cave and has since disappeared. These snobs in their business suits were unable to survive outside of their city. They probably would not even survive outside the Business District in the Worker Area for two days.

I did not like these guys. But they offered me good money and I’ve never been in a cave before. So I accepted the order.

It was getting dark when I arrived at the cave. With each step deeper into the cave, the evening light behind me grew weaker and weaker. Black darkness surrounded me. I turned on a light stick. A dim, scary light barely illuminated the craggy cliffs. Shadows danced across the irregular floor. It was scary.

Every now and then a glow stick on the floor testified that someone had already been there.I found a plant and weird excrements. I took a sample of both. You never knew what it was good for.

Suddenly I heard someone whistling. Startled, I turned around. I could not see anyone. Maybe it was just the wind.

I went on and deeper into the cave. The narrow passage became narrower. After all, there was only a gap left to crawl through.

I came to a big hall. Several ways continued from here.

In one, I became aware of a stone in which crystals were visible. The stuff looked valuable. But I had no way to take it with me.

Suddenly I heard footsteps. My heart stopped. I pulled my gun. The light cone of my flashlight scanned the area. Then something trickled on my head. It were falling stones from the ceiling. They were not steps, but falling stones that I heard. For safety, I put on my helmet.

Over time, I felt increasingly uncomfortable. I was wandering through a maze of corridors. Again and again I passed the same place. I already wondered if I was the next missing person.

Then I saw the faint glow of a reddish light. I climbed some rocks. On a heel lay the missing person. He was dead. I could not see how he died. I did not care. I had fulfilled my mission and returned to Loreville. On the way back, I thought of the crystals in the rock. One thought did not let me go.