Log #52 – mining in a cave

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I was mining in a cave where strange things were going on.

I wanted these crystals from the cave. But I did not want to be unprepared. So I bought a really good equipment. The stuff was not cheap. But I hoped to make enough money with the crystals.

I returned to the cave on the planet Hurston. In this cave I had found the missing person dead. The cave was filled with rocks containing crystals. I was not feeling well when I stepped into the darkness of the cave.

I did not have to go far. I found the first stone shortly after the entrance. I took the multitool and got to work. It was like mining the with Prospector. Keep the energy level in the green zone and wait until the stone breaks apart. Only I did not have a protective spaceship around me. If the stone exploded, it could hit me directly.

It did not last long. With a bang, the stone broke apart and the crystals lay on the ground in front of me. I took one and looked at it more closely. If that stuff did not bring in much money, I did not know what else.

I put the crystals in my backpack and kept searching. Deeper and deeper, I went into the cave. I found more and more stones with crystals. My backpack was getting fuller.

When my backpack was full I went back to my Cutlass. I packed the crystals in a box and put them in the hold.

I went back into the cave and kept working. I mined one stone after another. By now I had found different crystals. The work became routine, I partly forgot that I was in a hole in the ground, with no view of the stars.

At some point my backpack was full again. I went back to the ship and put down a second box in the hold. I was very excited. How much money was standing before me. When I went into the cave for the third time, I made sure that the ship was closed and locked.

Now I had to go deep into the cave. I had cleared the upper part completely empty. With each step, my uneasy feeling grew bigger. But the prospect of a big profit drove me on. I came to a big hall. Suddenly I saw a strange figure in the corner of my eye. I jerked back, my heart stopped, my breath caught. In the dim light of the lamp, it was hard to tell what it was. Carefully, I approached. Then I realized that it was a root.

I already saw ghosts. Or were there unknown beings in the cave. I was not comfortable with that. Suddenly I saw stars above me. No, they were strange lights. Small dots that glowed. Maybe the souls of all the people who died in this cave. That was too much, I had to get out of the cave.
I returned to the Cutlass and opened the ramp. I could not believe my eyes. The hold was empty. The two boxes with the crystals were gone. I collapsed and a lot on my knees. The ship was locked, nobody could get in. How could that happen. I was convinced that ghosts were around the cave.