Log #50 – The locked ship

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I had to somehow get into my locked Cutlass.

Lately, I’ve received a lot of missions to deliver things from A to B. I preferred the missions, where I could additionally buy goods at the place of departure and sell at the destination. This brought additional money and made a serious and legal impression. I looked like a trader who came around a lot. Nobody noticed the illegal goods that I smuggled.

A delivery took me to the outpost Kurdre Ore on the Crusader Moon Daymar. As I saw, which profit margin was possible with Agricium, I became greedy. I invested all my money to fully load my Cutlass. I felt like a very big dealer. After the financial transactions were done, I went to my ship, which was filled to the last chink with the valuable cargo.

I pressed the button to open the cargo ramp. The ramp did not move. I squeezed again. Nothing happened. I already got a dry throat. I went to the side sliding door. The door opened with a rump. I tried to climb into the ship. I did not succeed. I took a start and jumped. Despite the low gravity, I did not get into the ship that way. There I stood before my ship, in which my whole fortune was and did not come in.

In desperation, I wrote a call for help in the system wide chat. To my surprise, someone reacted and promised to help. I waited. Time did not seem to pass. I already had doubts. Did I make a mistake. Would someone came who wanted to rob me? Finally a blue Origin 300i appeared. The pilot landed and looked at the mess. 

We tried to position the 300i so that I could climb over the lower cargo lift of the 300i into the Cutlass. It was millimeter work. There was not much space. I already saw a collision and major damage to the ships. It did not succeed.

We changed the plan and tried to get into the Cutlass via the access hatch and the ladder of teh 300i. That did not work either.

When the 300i was directly over the Cutlass, I got a spontaneous idea. I jumped out of the 300i on to the roof of the Cutlass. Carefully, I approached the open side door. If I jumped down carefully, maybe I could get into the ship. I stood on the edge and breathed very fast. I took a step forward into the void. I did fall and landed on the threshold of the side door. I tipped forward and threatened to fall out. Jerkily, I shifted my weight backwards and fall into the cargo hold of the Cutlass.

I did it. Full of joy, I jumped up. I went to the door to look for my helper. I looked up to the 300i. He wiggled his wings. I waved, took a step, a step into the void. I lost the footing, fall out of the Cutlass and landed rudely in the sand.It was so embarrassing that I wanted to get lost in the sand. Now that we knew how to get in, we repeated the whole thing. On the roof of the Cutlass and in through the side door. Only this time I failed the jump. I missed the threshold and landed directly in the sand. We tried it a second time, a third time, a fourth time. No success.

Then we changed the plan again. This time I climbed on the nose of the 300i. The pilot brought the ship nose as close as possible to the side door. I took 3 steps to get started and jumped. Like in slow motion, I flew through the air. The door of the Cutlass came closer. I rowed my arms. I closed my eyes and hoped. I struck hard on the metal floor of the cargo hold. I was back in the Cutlass. First, I closed the side door, so I could not fall out again. I went into the cockpit and thanked the other pilot over the radio.

I started, left Daymar and looked where I could sell the Agricium with the most profit.