Log #49 – The pothead house

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In a stash house I did a …. special business.

The inner door of the airlock opened. Thick smoke was in the room. My first thought was: it was  burning. I was happy to wear my helmet. But then I saw two guys with dreadlocks sitting relaxed at the table.

The one waved to me. “Hey sit down and smoke a joint with you.” It was obvious that the two had been smoking for some time. I waved off. “I have a shipment of unregistered RSI spacesuits.” The two looked at me confused. Either they did not understand what I was saying or could not remember that I had smuggled the spacesuits out here on their behalf. They had probably already consumed too much of the drugs they produced themselves. I put the box on a shelf. Fortunately, the money was automatically transferred upon delivery.

Then I got a look at several pallet Revenent Tree Polls. I once again saw the opportunity to earn extra money. I took a pallet. “Guys, should I take your trash with me?”. “Dude, that’s cool, take this shit and throw it out of the airlock in space.” The guys were really too stoned to understand what was going on. I brought the pallets in my Cutlass.
As I stowed the last pallet in the hold, I had an idea. The two needed Revenant Tree Polls to produce Altruciatoxin. Let’s see how stoned they really were.

I went back into the building. The one waved to me. “Hey sit down and smoke a joint with you.” I laughed and waved. “I have Revenant Tree Polls for sale, do you need anything?”. “Man, you’re cool, the more the better, bring the stuff, but you have to serve that shitty trading terminal yourself.” “Ok guys, I’ll do it.” I went to the terminal and booked the transaction. The loader robots loaded the pallets Revenant Tree Polls from my Cutlass and the money was transferred to me.