Log #40 – Start of a mining adventure

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I decided to start mining and had a bumpy start.

The break in Levski had done me good. I could relax and recover. Most of the time I spent at the Grand Barter bazaar and in  Cafe Musain.
With the time I longed for the universe and at some point I had to earn money again. However, Levski was dear to my heart and I did not want to leave here.

In the bar, a former miner told me there was still something to earn in the asteroid fields around Delamar. Mining would be possible in a small style. That sounded like an opportunity. I could fly into space, still stay in Levski and make money in a relaxed way.

The problem was, I did not have any mining equipment. In Teache’s Ship Shop I found an old MISC Prospector. She had come down quite a bit and needed some repairs. But she was the best chance I had. So I scraped my last money and bought it.

In the Admin Office, I got a mining license. The guy looked pitying. He said that the golden mining times in Delamar are long gone. He probably did not believe that I could succeed. Nevertheless, he drew my attention to the regulations. I had to wear a spacesuit with eye-catching colors. So that I could be better seen in an emergency. Great, also regulations, and that in Levski.

There I stood in the hangar in front of my Prospector, like a little boy before his Christmas present. I was totally excited and full of anticipation. But there was still a lot to do before I could fly.

After making the most important repairs to the Prospector, I left for my first flight. When I passed the hangar doors, I got a big grin. The view from the cockpit was gigantic. I have never had such a great view on Levski.

I first flew close to the ground and enjoyed the view. Suddenly the whole ship vibrated. Something was wrong. Then I saw that the mining laser in front of the cockpit, loosened. He was broken from the anchorage and wiggled more and more. I was afraid that the thing was saying goodbye. Luckily the area was flat and I could land immediately. I was able to weld the break, hoping the laser will hold. Despite everything, I was in good spirits and started my first mining trip in the asteroid fields around Delamar.