Log #41 – First successes in mining

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My first success in mining, with a little damage to the ship.

The stay in the asteroid fields was long and monotonous. The yield was low. There were hardly any ores to be found. Most of the time I flew around and scanned the area. I sent one ping after the other, mostly without result. If I found something, it was aluminum, which did not bring much money.

Luckily the Prospector was well equipped. She had a supply station, a bed and a toilet with a sink. That was pure luxury compared to the Cutlass.

I made myself comfortable, put off the space suit and comfortable clothes on. That’s how it was. I listened to music, enjoyed the great view of the asteroids and let time drift by.

When I found an asteroid with a very high ore fraction, I dismantled it. The ore pockets of the ship were filling slowly.
And then I found an asteroid containing Borase. The second most expensive ore. I could not believe my luck. And then I found one with Laranite. And then another with Laranite. I was on the road to success.

However, the Laranite asteroids were hard to crack. The energy level in the asteroid jumped up and down. I had to constantly correct the laser’s energy. The asteroid boiled, steamed, hissed and glowed.
I kept getting into the red area. It got stressful and I started to sweat. But I wanted this ore. The chance of a high profit increased my risk appetite.

The energy level was in the red, then again under the green. I corrected wildly and ignored the overcharge indicator. With force, the asteroid burst, my shields lit up under the force of the explosion.

After all, I got the Laranite. However, my scanner did not work anymore. I had to return to Levski. The profit was not bad. I decided later to take care of the broken scanner and to celebrate in the bar. My successful entry into mining was worth more than a glass.