Log #39 – Drug War in the Stanton System

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The situation in the Stanton system was unstable and I had to make a decision.

I met with an employee of Tecia Pacheco at the G-Loc Bar in Area18. He previously worked for Shubin Mining on the Archon Station in the Odin system. He told me that Shubin Mining was involved in criminal business. Now Shubin Mining would try to participate in the drug business in the Stanton system. Different factions did fight for supremacy.

The drug market was much larger than most would know. Jumptown was just the tip of the iceberg. There were many more outposts where drugs were sold. I should accept personal missions where I would have to dispose of garbage. Then I would find the outposts. But at my own risk, the situation would be very unstable at the moment.
With this information, I flew back to Crusader. And indeed, I found several outposts where I could buy drugs. On the moons Celin, Daymar and Yela.

Then I got a personal mission where I had to recover something from a wreck. I quickly found the box in the hold and decided to have a look around. There was certainly more freight I could sell. I entered the cockpit section and could not believe my eyes. The dead crew was lying here and drugs. I got access to the logbook. It looked as if the ship had smuggled the drugs and was shot down. The kill was not done by Crusader Security.

There I stood and saw the drug war up close. At that moment I realized how unstable the Stanton system was. Unforeseen things could happen anytime. Things that made life very difficult for one. I did not want to be pulled in even deeper. I realized that Kylo was also a victim of this drug war. I decided to go back to Levski and wait for better times.