Log #30 – Gate delivery

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I had a smuggling job to a gate in Lorville.

Levski or Lorville, it was always the same. The best contacts were made in the lower levels of the station. My work at the Gate couriers had been worthwhile. I met someone who gave me access through the gate without being controlled. I got a first smuggling mission right away. I was supposed to bring a delivery from a Rest Stop to a gate of Lorville.

Landing at the gate would have been too obvious. I had to land a little way from the city. To not have have to walk so far, I loaded my Tumbril Cyclon in the Cutlass.

The package was deposited at the Rest Stop. I was not noticed. Many people came and went. Goods were not checked here. I knew that from my alcohol deliveries to the Rest Stops. I took the package, packed it into the Cutlass and flew back to Hurston.

The approach to Lorville impressed me again. The Hurston Dynamics building was already seen from orbit. The Hurston family was hard to beat for megalomania.

Nobody cared that I did not flew directly to Teasa Spaceport. I landed in a small depression a little way from the city. Here, the Cutlass was pretty well hidden and could stand for a while. The sun was just rising, the cactuses threw long shadows. Muck danced in the warm morning light like snowflakes through the air.

I drove the Cyclone over the ramp out of the Cutlass and parked it behind the ship. I stowed the package in the cargo area in the rear of the vehicle. I closed the stern ramp and knocked on the locked ramp. It was locked and secured, the load seemed to be safe. I went to the Cutlass again to pull out my space suit. I wanted to look like a normal courier at the gate.

I drove off towards the city. With the Cyclone you could drive very fast. The car had really power. I just had to be careful because of the many rocks that lay everywhere. But on the open area I could drive full speed. At top speed, I thought I’d better leave my helmet on. My eyes started to tear from the wind.

When I arrived at the gate, I parked right outside the entrance. I turned off the engine, went back and opened the stern ramp. I could not believe my eyes, the package was gone. A cold chill ran through me. Ok, I had some jumps during the ride, but the ride was not that wild either. How could the package have flown out? I kicked the tire with my boot, damn it, that was not good.

With empty hands I went to the gate and entered the city. No one checked me, why should someone, I did not have anything with me. Behind the customs area was a gloomy-looking guy with a hood. He had no shoes on, I first thought it was a drug addict. He indicated with his head that I should come to him. He asked where the delivery was. I said I lost it. He fixed me with his cold eyes. In an iron voice, he said quietly, that was bad ….. bad for me.