Log #29 – Constantin Hurston

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I had a lot of attention and an invitation from Constantin Hurtston.

It looked like my last missions on Hurston had earned me the reputation of an investigator. I was asked to search for a missing crew. When I got the last known position of the ship, I realized that there was not much hope. It was the same moon and the same debris field where I had already responded to an emergency call.

In the middle of the debris field I found the destroyed ship. I also found the crew. Lifeless in space. Nobody had a helmet on. They had to be surprised, the ship was obviously destroyed without warning.

After all, I was able to recover some of the cargo. It was not much, but at least a small additional income. I did not stay long and returned to Lorville as fast as possible.

A little later, I got an invitation from Constantin Hurston to talk about a job. Apparently my actions did not go unnoticed. Why else would one of the aspiring junior chefs of the Hurston family invite me?

The guy behaved like a junior boss. He let me wait first. As he pounded on his keyboard, I sat bored in his office, in the Central Business District, under the pictures of the Hurston family.

I was annoyed, I did not like this kind of people. After an eternity, he called me to himself. He talked very fast, talked about outsourcing. Obviously he did not want to take time for me, he just wanted to place quickly his mission. I should kill the squatters in a bunker facility. Why did he not hire Hurston Security for that, it stinked. Besides, I’m not a mercenary. I refused.

For my taste I had too much attention. I preferred to stay under the radar. I decided not to accept any further missions. My plan was to work for the Gate couriers again and to transport boxes from A to B. In this job, I was able to be quite unremarkable and make new contacts, which could later be helpful in smuggling. That seemed to me a better investment than fame and honor.