Log #31 – Ruto and research at Shubin Mining

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I left Lorville, visited Ruto, and had some investigations at Shubin Mining.

I poked around in the noodles I’d picked up on my way to the L19 district. They tasted bland. Or was the bland taste of the botched delivery to the gate? The threat from the guy at the gate was clear.

Once again, it was too hot for me. I did not want to be a target. I left Lorville that same day. I was just thinking about where to go when I got a message from Ruto. He said I did a good job on the last mission and he would have something for me again. I should meet him at Grim Hex. It seemed as if the situation around Crusader was not dangerous for me.

I flew back to Grim Hex.
Although Grim Hex was a run-down mess, I felt good on arrival. It was good to be here again. I was supposed to meet Ruto at the old electronics store on the lower level.

The shop was closed and looked chaotic. There was nobody there.
In the back room I found a holo emitter. When I activated it, Ruto’s head was projected. An interesting precaution.

I did not want to accept the mission he offered me. I should kill someone. Not only had Ruto missions to get rid of corpses, he also hired killers. My refusal was okay for him, he said he would call again if he had something for me.

Lost in thought, I went to the exit of the electric store. Then I noticed a note thrown away. The logo of Shubin Mining was on the note and a name was scribbled on it: Kylo. It hit me like a flash. Was the order to kill Kylo placed here in this room? And did Shubin Mining have anything to do with it? I had been suspecting Shubin Mining for a while, but that was the first clue I had.

I got my shady missions from Shubin in the habitation module of the outpost on Daymar. I had to go there to investigate. I could not just land there to sniff. So I ended up in a side valley and drove with the Tumbril Cyclon to the outpost.

I wanted to drive over the ridge and check the situation first from the top. The navigation was not easy.

I got off several times and climbed a rock to get my bearings. The sun was slowly setting and I had lost my way. In the dark, orientation would become even more difficult.

I drove on, it was getting dark and then I saw lights down in the valley. I found Shubin Mining. The outpost was quiet in the dark. There was nobody to see.

I waited a while, nothing moved. That was the opportunity to come in secret.

I drove down the hill to the buildings. Just before I reached the buildings, I switched off the light. I stayed in the dark and parked behind the habitation module.

Carefully, I approached the entrance by foot. It was quiet, too quiet. I took cover and waited. The wind blew sand clouds across the ground. The sand pattered against my visor. Otherwise nothing moved.

I quickly went to the airlock and entered the housing module.

It looked inhabited. The light was on. Magazines, suitcases and cups stood around. But nobody was there.
I went to the terminal where I already got an order.

Without any problems I could hack myself in. The security protocols were weak. I found a file with a list of names. The name Kylo was on it, it was crossed out. And then I noticed another name: Tecia Pacheco