Log #25 – Retreat to Hurston

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After the mission for Ruto I flew to Hurston to avoid possible problems.

After the mission for Ruto, I checked the news if I could find anything related to the dead man. Of course not, that would have surprised me too. I wondered if Ruto just cleaned up or if he had something to do with the murder. In any case, all traces were removed and no information was leaked to the public. At that moment, I had a bad idea. I knew something and I was a risk. I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone came to eliminate me.

I decided to get some distance to Crusader and his moons. To get a speed advantage, I bought a new Quantum drive in Dumpers Depot. I found a Crossfield from Wei-Tek. A military drive with high speed. Although it consumed more fuel than my old Odyssey, I could shorten the flights in Quantum.

I remembered Hurston and his savannah. A little peace and the rustling of the leaves would be just the thing. I decided to fly to Hurston. I had heard that a very good price for Agricium was paid in the Central Business District of Lorville. So I made a stopover on Daymar to buy Agricium. When everything was stowed in the cargo hold, the sun just disappeared behind the mountains. I watched the sunset and waited until the sun had completely disappeared. With a sigh, I closed the stern ramp.

I reached Hurston and the city of Lorville when the sun was just starting to rise. I first wanted to sell my goods before I flew into the savannah.

The approach control showed me a hangar without delay. After landing, I noticed the many guards. I got the impression that there was much more security than during my last visit. Not a good thing for smugglers.

I took the Metro directly to the Business District to sell my Agricium.

It was very impressive here, but for me it was too clean, too noble. I did not feel well between the many people with business suits.

After my business was done, I flew to the savannah. I stood on a rock, looked into a valley with cactus and trees, felt the wind on my skin and enjoyed the solitude and peace.