Log # 24 – First contact with Ruto

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I was contacted by Ruto and got a job that was scary.

I was on a delivery in orbit off Daymar when I received a message from Ruto. Ruto was a mystery. It was said, that he was close to Pirate gangs, but no one had ever seen him. He placed missions where you should not ask questions.
He said, he had been watching me for a while and I would have made a name for myself. And I thought I was under the radar and no one would hear about my actions.

I should dispose a package for him. That did not sound dramatic at first. What he said then irritated me. Somebody was disposed of, who was noticed unpleasantly and I should take care of the leftovers.
I flew to the specified coordinates, an outpost on the night side of Daymar. It was very quiet, no light was visible, the station seemed abandoned.

I landed in front of the entrance and took my weapon. I opened the rear ramp and took a look out of cover. I was ready to fire. The sight was disturbing. The gas giant Crusader was just above the horizon. The building of the outpost could only be seen as a shadow. Only the solar cells stood out against the faint light of Crusader. I could not see if anyone was around.

Carefully, I headed for the dark building. The sand crunched under my boots. I tried to be as quiet as possible and carefully put one foot in front of the other. With a drawn weapon I entered the building. The airlock was destroyed, a faint emergency light flickered. Otherwise everything was dark. I breathed heavily and did not dare to turn on my helmet lamp.

I first checked the room on the right. It was pitch dark, I could not see anything. Nevertheless, I did not want to turn on the lights. Then I went to the second room. Through the ruined window my cutlass was visible. In one corner stood a small spotlight. It only illuminated a small spot and made the rest of the room look even darker.

I went to the light and almost had to vomit. It offered me a picture of horror. Everywhere was blood and organic leftovers. A boot lay on the floor. I did not know if there was a foot in the boot, but blood ran out of the boot. Two blood-smeared biological waste packages stood in the corner. I was stunned and unable to move. I coughed and suppressed a strangle.

When my blurry vision became clear again, I had the feeling of being here for half an eternity. I took a deep breath. It did not help, I had a mission. With soft knees, I brought the two packages in my Cutlass.

As if in a trance, I started and flew to Grim Hex. This was the only place I could get rid of the two packages without anyone asking. Now I realized what Ruto meant when he wrote that someone had been disposed of. So Ruto was the one who solved problems the hard way.