Log #26 – First Jobs in Lorville

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After starting difficulties I got good courier missions on Hurston.

Starting earning some money in Lorville was not easy. Because of the high level of security, smuggling was not an option. Trade was also a one-way street. Goods could be sold, but there was nothing to buy.

I even asked for a job at the Reclamation & Disposal.

The guy talked a lot, looked in his Mobiglas, but had no job.

So I sat in Lorville at the bar and thought about how to go on. I was deep in thought when a voice suddenly startled me. I was irritated and looked around. I felt as if I had awakened from a deep sleep. There sat someone next to me and looked at me. The guy was not there a few minutes ago, I thought to myself. He said that I would look very sad and I should drink a good whiskey. We drank one together. After a few drinks he gave me the tip to look at the courier services for a job.

The idea was not bad at all. It reminded me of my time on Levski. As a courier, I could get easier access to the city and smuggle goods.

I started as a driver and transported urgent deliveries from one city gate to another. The ride with the Ursa Rover was sometimes not easy. Scrap was everywhere, sometimes the road was blocked and I had to find another route. What was not easy especially at night.

After a while I also flew supplies from Lorville to the outposts and the moons of Hurston.

On one of these flights, I responded to an emergency call. A ship had fallen into distress in a debris field near one of the moons. It was unable to maneuver and was attacked by pirates. The pirates must have been beginners. I could destroy them without any problems.

My help had spoken quickly. After that I got really lucrative missions that gave a lot of money.