Log #23 – New Trade Contacts

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I met someone who gave me particularly good Distilled Spirits for the black market.

I was back in Grim Hex and I was thinking about the experiences I made in Levski. It was hard to imagine that Recco or Wallace had anything to do with Kylo’s death. But since his death, they dominated the black market and drug market, as well as the unofficial transports to Levski. Levski was no longer a suitable place for my black market operations. I had to focus more on the Stanton system again. A phone call on the Mobiglas suddenly jolted me out of my thoughts. It was my old buddy from the admin office. He told me there was someone who wanted to meet me.

I took the elevator to the lower level. In the main hall stood a guy leaning relaxed on the railing. He nodded to me. I went to him and asked if I could help him. He turned his head slightly in my direction and continued to lean on the railing. He spoke with low, dark voice. He said he was Ken Gallet and he had his own little farm on Cellin. Unlike the big companies, he would produce very strong and high quality distilled spirits. Because of the restrictive attitude of the corporate bosses in the Stanton system, he could not officially sell the stuff. Therefore, he was looking for a secretive customer.

That sounded interesting and could be the right stuff for my contacts in the rest stops. I decided to fly to Cellin with Ken. His farm was a bit hidden in a crater. It was surrounded by a high crater rim, rocks and geysers. It was not easy to find a landing site.

The landscape was barren and rocky. It was fascinating to see that something could be planted here. There were several rows of small greenhouses in front of the entrance to the only building of the farm.

I looked at his lab, where he bred plants for his high quality products. It all made a very good impression.

I decided to take a load of Distilled Spirits.

From Cellin I flew straight to one of the rest stops and met with one of my contacts.

When he heard what I had to offer, he grinned. He said that was perfect and would appeal to the hardworking workers. Especially those on Hurston. But the trade must run unofficially. I had no problem with that.

I started delivering regularly. From Cellin I first flew to the rest stops. From there the Distilled Spirits were further distributed.

To make it look like a legal transport business, I bought scrap at the Rest Stops, which I sold on Port Olisar. There I bought medical stuff.

Sometimes in between, I flew to Daymar to buy Agricium. I had managed to build another trade route in the Stanton System. And I did not have to go to Jumptown.