Log #22 – More missions for Recco

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I got transport missions from Recco. There was a suspicion.

I had just delivered the parcel from Wallace Klim on Daymar when a message came from Recco. She had a job for me and I should come to Levski urgently. “Great,” I thought. I just came from Levski. I was tiered of the long travels in the Cutlass. But in the Stanton system the situation became more difficult. The corporation bosses did not like the consumption of alcohol and drugs and tried to stop it. Jumptown became more and more a crisis area. Either mercenaries were there to stop the trade, or traders were so nervous that they were quick on the trigger.

A job from Recco was a good opportunity to avoid Jumptown and make money with less risk.
After a long flight I reached the asteroids around Delamar and a little later I was in the room of Recco.

After my last missions for Recco, I was surprised that she had another mission for me. I was supposed to take a sample from the Stanton system to Levski, just like last time. There was a flicker of anger in me, why didn’t she say that in her message. I could have brought the stuff with me and saved a part of the flight. For some inexplicable reasons, however, it was important to her that only personal communication took place. As if she was afraid that someone is listening.

After all, she had a Freelancer for me and I was able to leave the Cutlass in Levski. That made the journey a little more pleasant. The living area of ​​the Freelancer was tight, but next to the beds there was a toilet, a shower and a kitchenette. That was much better than in the Cutlass.

Somehow I liked the ship. It was suitable for long trips, had impressive fuel efficiency, but was not such a high polish thing like the 600i. Getting the sample on Yela was not a problem and I was soon back in Levski.

Strangely, I should not bring the sample to Recco directly, but deposit in a postbox. It was not the postbox at the admin office. The description took me to the lower level of Levski. Somewhat confused, I wandered through the corridors. I came deeper and deeper, it got warmer and stuffier. That seemed familiar to me. At some point I realized where I had to bring that stuff.

The destination was the postbox which stood at Wallace Klim. My thoughts circled. Why did I have to give the sample to a chemist and drug dealer? What did Wallace want with the stuff? Did Recco make common cause with him? Were there really samples of ore in the boxes? Or something completely different, something to do with drugs? That would explain why Recco only gave the orders verbally.
I said hello to Wallace shortly. But he only blinked at me and asked what I wanted here. As if he did not know me. He probably took too much of his own stuff himself.

I stayed in Levski. I liked it here and I did not want to go straight back to the Stanton system. And I had the hope that Recco would have another assignment for me. I was a bit confused about the possible connection to Wallace, but there was good money, so I did not ask questions.

And indeed, Recco reported again. When she explained the courier mission to me, I looked at her dumbfounded. Pickup was Levski, destination was also Levski. What did Recco think she had in front of her? A messenger boy? The times in which I had run errands were long gone. I was no longer the little boy on Ashana that was sent by the Gangster Lords. We quarreled. Finally, she gave in and offered me another mission.

I should get a sample again, this time from an abandoned outpost on Daymar. When I arrived at the destination on Daymar, I had the feeling that I’ve been here before. Again and again, the unofficial missions led me to Daymar. That was strange. The drug lab was on Yela, but there was something on Daymar that had to do with illegal business. In the bright spotlight was an abandoned and destroyed station. I took the box and made that I came away quickly.

Also this delivery went back to the postbox at Wallace. My suspicion that Recco and Wallace were working together hardened. I was convinced by now that I was not transporting ores. I glanced over at Wallace. He looked quite uninvolved. I did not feel like addressing him and walked upstairs without a word.

I wanted to eat a bite at the Grand Barter Bazaar. The stuff of these food stalls was really delicious, definitely better than cooking yourself. The atmosphere here was great. You always saw and met interesting people.

Suddenly Henry sat down at the table. I knew him from earlier. He was on Levski’s maintenance team, just like me back then. We talked about all sorts of things and also talked about the killing of Kylo. He reported that the case was still unclear. But it all indicated that someone wanted to take over the drug business from Kylo. Spontaneously, I thought of Recco and Wallace. I did not believe that they could murder him, but Wallace was now fully in control of the drug market in Levski and Recco organized all transports to Levski that did not go through official channels.

The thing was scary to me. At Cordry’s I bought a better body armor. Whether it helped more than to strengthen my self-confidence, I did not know either.