Log # 20 – Christmas in Levski

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Christmas, gifts and surprises in Levski.

In the morning, I sat in front of my Hab in Grim Hex. The tiredness was still in my eyes. But my brain was awake. The thoughts revolved around the events and missions of the last weeks. Trading  legal and illegal goods went quite well. But the missions that I assumed did not. One could have thought that the missions were bugged.

I needed a break. As I strolled through Grim Hex, I remembered that Christmas time was on old earth. I did not know much about Christmas, Ashana did not have it. It was said that people on earth visited friends and relatives and brought gifts.

So I decided to visit friends in Levski. I ordered a gift online, a big gift. Stupidly, it was only delivered to Port Olisar. A delivery to Grim Hex was not possible. On Grim Hex there was also a postbox, but few couriers dared to come here. So I had to go to Port Olisar before leaving for Levski.

The flight to Levski was long. The Cutlass was not suitable for long trips. There was a bed on board, but no toilet and no bath. I had to improvise, comfort was something else. On the way I cursed the circumstances several times and longed for a shower. However, the arrival in Levski forgot all the hardships. A feeling of coming home came through my whole body as I saw the old station on the planetoid Delamar. I liked this place and its people, who lived independently of the UEE.

In the evening we celebrated in the bar. We had costumes on, wore crazy masks and handed us the gifts. It was a relaxed party, the mishaps of the last time seemed far away, like from another life.

But I made the biggest gift to myself. I went to Teach’s Ship Shop and bought an old used Tumbril Cyclon. The Cyclon just fit into the Cutlass. And I had the feeling that I could still use this vehicle.

The next day I went to the bar again and to the back room. In the past, there were data pads with instructions from Kylo. I did not know why, it seemed as if an invisible force pulled me into the room. I entered the room. A slight haze was in the air. The door closed behind me, the music from the bar could only be heard dully. When my eyes got used to the faint light, I could not believe my eyes. There was an active data pad with an invitation.