Log # 19 – Transport of Viral Cultures

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A transport mission with virus cultures ended unexpectedly.

I got the mission to bring virus cultures from the research outpost on Yela to the outpost on Celin. I was a little confused as to why someone was hired on Grim Hex, but thought it was easy money.

When I arrived at the outpost on Yela, there was a visibly nervous guy in front of me. He had beads of sweat on his forehead and sweaty edges under his armpits. He said I better leave my helmet on. Goodness I thought, did I have to carry a biological warfare. The package was declared as medical supplies, so I thought it would be ok.

When I started with my ship, I was thoughtful. I did not see a marker for the destination. I looked again in the order. It was strange, there was really only words for pick up. When I was hired, it was definitely meant to get the stuff to the lab on Celin. I decided not to be fooled and to deliver the package as originally agreed.

After a trouble-free flight to Celin, I stood at the counter and put the package down. The guy asked me if he could help me. I replied that I had a delivery. He frowned and looked into his computer. Without raising his head he said derogatory that he was expecting no delivery. The message was clear I should disappear and not waste his time.

Not so easy, I thought. I said that this was a virus culture from the lab on Yela and I had the job to bring it here. At the word viruses culture, he flinched. He said I should take my shit again. Then he got loud and poisoned me, I should take the shit from his counter. My right eyelid twitched. I stifled the urge to punch the guy in the mouth. I took a deep breath and calmly replied that I had an assignment and intended to fulfill it. Actually, I did not want to have this stuff left in my ship before it gets contaminated. After I made no move to take the package, he said that he had to confiscate it. Yes, please, I thought, keep that stuff.

Relieved and with a grunt in my stomach I went back to the ship and left Celin in the direction of orbit. I could not shake the feeling that this assignment was not legal. Did the guys on Yela just want to get rid of trash? It was strange, something was not right here. That would also explain why someone from  Grim Hex was assigned. I quickly decided to forget about it, a whiskey in the bar in Grim Hex would definitely help.