Log # 14 – Meeting with Recco Battaglia

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I received missions from Recco Battaglia, which went completely wrong.

I sat in Levski and thought about what to do. The thing with the drugs had not worked out so well. Maybe I did not have the right contacts. Kylo was in the business for a very long time. I tried it for the first time. Was there any other way to find work in Levski? I do not know if I had thought out loud, or if the guy next to me could read minds, but he spoke to me. He said I should go to Recco.

Recco Battaglia was found in the old borehole station. She organized all kinds of business in Levski. That was a opportunity. I went to see her a few times, but she ignored me, she had not even turned around.

After several attempts I wanted to give up already. But then it happened, she turned and spoke to me. She actually had an assignment for me. I should get a sample to Levski. I had to go to the Benson Mining outpost on Yela in the Stanton system.

Luckily I did not have to travel with my Cutlass, Recco had a Constellation Aquila for me. An Aquila was a much better travel companion than my Cutlass.

When I came to the hangar I was very impressed by the ship. That was different to my simple bucket.

During the flight to Stanton I had taken a break on the way and slept a bit. I wanted to enjoy the conveniences of the Constellation.

When I got into the cockpit after sleep, I had goose bumps. The cockpit was bathed in a mystical light. It was lit only by the central star. At first I stood there rooted and let this sight affect me.

Benson Mining was a very small outpost. During the approach, I had the impression that the Conni was bigger. Actually, it was crazy to take such a big ship just for a small package.

Benson lay in a small crater. I had to land outside of the crater, as there was not enough room in the crater for the Conni. I took my helmet out of the spint and walked the last part.

In the storage room of the outpost I stood a bit perplexed in front of the shelf. The package should be in the bottom shelf, but there was nothing, just emptiness. The sample I was supposed to pick was not there. What should I do now? There was no one else in the station I could ask.

I figured if I already have a ship with a large cargo hold, then at least I’ll take something with me that could make me money. I would not get anything for the messed up mission.

I filled up the hold with fluorine.

The ship took off a bit lazy when fully loaded. Slowly I flew away from that chunk of ice and into orbit.

When I got out of Quantum travel at Delamar, an alarm went off. The Avionic had failed, I could not target Levski. I did not get any jump points at all. Then I lost energy too. What had Recco given me for a scrap? I made an emergency landing on Delamar.

I was able to repair everything and managed  the last part to Levski.

There were again unnecessary discussions with the customs. That guy had always thought that he is very important.

Recco was not thrilled when I told her that I did not have the sample and the ship was broken. After all, the Fluorine had brought me something.

But Recco had another job for me. I had to get another package, this time at Tram & Myers on Celin. Again it was a long journey and again I looked stupid. The package should be in a packing station. But the door did not open.

I returned empty handed to Levski. That was getting embarrassing. Recco just glared over her shoulder and gave me no further mission.

Disappointed, I strolled over the Grand Barter Market. I had no luck in Levski. Maybe it would be best to go back to the Stanton system.