Log # 15 – Excursion by Rover on Hurston

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I flew to Hurston and made a trip to the coast. Again with an unfortunate ending.

After the failures in Levski, I was back in the Stanton system. First I made a stopover in Grim Hex, then I flew on to Hurston. Lorville hosted the Intergalatic Aerospace Expo, I did not want to miss that.

I had never been to the Planet Hurston before and was really looking forward to the water and the savannah. That’s why I bought some outdoor gear in Grim Hex.

When I came out of the Quantum Jump, I saw a large area of water on the planet. I had never seen anything like this in my life. I wanted to go there first.

It was night when I arrived in Lorville. Not to miss was the headquarters of Hurston Dynamics. It was a huge building that could already be seen from orbit and dominated the whole city.

Also the hangar I landed in was huge. Luckily everything was well signposted and I was able to find my way around.

I made my way directly to one of the perimeter gates and took a Ursa Rover.

I wanted to leave immediately and drive to the water. It was still dark, but I did not care.

I drove out into the darkness and the city slowly grew smaller behind me. Only the building of Hurston Dynamics did not seem to get smaller.

The light cone of the rover conjured imaginative shadows and shapes. The vegetation was partly like beings from a fable world.

Slowly the dawn came and the view got better. However, the way was worse. There were more and more rocks that were insurmountable with the rover. The navigation was not easy.

Finally I arrived at the coast. At first I was fascinated by the things that grew on the rocks. I was not sure if that were plants or animals.

But then came the disillusionment. The coast was terribly polluted. There was dirt and scrap everywhere. It was a single, huge dump. That’s not what I imagined. I had lost the desire to swim and made my way back to Lorville.

Since it was now day and the view was good, I drove with pretty high speed. You could jump well with the rover. that was a lot of fun. And then came a bump that was bigger than I thought. The rover took off like a spaceship, my stomach turned. But then I realized it was not my stomach, it was the rover. I landed hard and overturned. The rover was upside down and a tire was broken.

Great, I had to walk the rest. Lorville did not seem to be too far away, that was something I could make.

But I was wrong, the buildings were just a suburb, the way to the gate was farther than I thought.

The sun was slowly setting and I was still a bit away.

The view did not improve, but the gates had a landmark light and so I found the direct way back to Gate 1.

When I arrived it was already pitch dark. I was totally sweaty and out of breath. Still in the entrance area, I sat down on a chair, only to rest briefly. But I fell asleep and only woke up hours later. I drove to the city center and rented a Hab.