Log # 13 – Jumptown

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I found Jumptown.

Finally, I had the directions to Jumptown in my hand. Jumptown was on Yela. What it was exactly, was not on the slip. But there were features described in the landscape, where I could orient myself.
On approach, the described area was still in daylight, but the dark shadow of the night was approaching rapidly.

When I arrived, it was pitch dark. I could hardly make out the dim light of a building. I flew on and landed above the station at some distance, out of sight.

Since I had no idea what Jumptown was and what awaited me there, I wanted to check the situation first. I took the sniper rifle and walked to a point where I could see the station.

Behind a rock I had cover and could observe everything from elevated position. The station was in dim light, frost had settled on the outside wall. Some boxes were stored outdoors. I held my breath to keep the gun steady. Then I thought I saw a movement. I was not sure, it was probably the wind that had blown up some snow.
I stayed on the observation post for a while. It was all quiet, nobody was to be seen.

Finally, I went back to the Cutlass and flew with the Dragonfly the last part to the outpost.

I parked the Dragonfly behind the building and approached the entrance cautiously.

Everything was quiet inside. It was very messy. In the entrance area there was a trading terminal. There was a storage room, a sleeping area and …..

A drug lab, that’s what Jumptown was.
There was no one there, but stocks were full.

I flew back to the Cutlass and with her back to the building. I took with me what fit in the hold next to the Dragonfly.

With the hot goods, I flew to Grim Hex. If not there, where else could I sell the stuff. But it was not that easy. I could only sell small quantities. In particular, Widow did not want anyone. Now I had half the hold full of drugs and could not get rid of the stuff.

It occurred to me that Kylo said he got the best things in Jumptown. I realized that Kylo had smuggled drugs to Levski.

So I made my way to Levski.
It was not much easier in Levski either. I got rid of Altruciatoxine quite well, but Widow only with difficulty.

After I finally sold everything, I went down to the Grand Bater and the bar. There I sat, in the square where Kylo used to sit. Had I started his inheritance? Hot goods that I could hardly sell was not a lucrative business. Maybe I had to look for something else.