Log # 12 – Confirm the death of a security officer

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I got the mission to confirm the death of a person.

I stood in the control room of the Shubin Mining outpost on Daymar. Opposite me stood this heavily armed figure in the armor of the Sandmen. I was completely surprised and almost forgot to breathe. Then the figure spoke in a strange voice. It almost sounded like Darth Vader. No wonder with this helmet.
The figure said I should not ask so many questions everywhere. Curiosity would sometimes lead to death. I was sick in the stomach, now I did not dare ask questions about Jumptown.
Then he said there was a guy who also asked too many questions. He would be on board a Starfarer, that was attacked and destroyed. I should check if he was really dead.

The figure said the attackers were still at the wreck and I had to be careful. I would get a Dragonfly from him, as it would have a lower signature than the Cutlass.
I did a few laps around the outpost with the Dragonfly. I have never before flown a Hoverbike, that was an absolute fun. After practicing, I loaded the Dragonfly in the Cutlass and headed for the coordinates of the destroyed Starfarer.

When I arrived at the coordinates, I went around the wreck. Some ships were patrolling nearby. I went into stealth mode and hid the Cutlass, 18km away, at a big asteroid. Carefully, I glided with the Dragonfly out of the cargo hold of the Cutlass and slowly approached the wreckage. I felt pretty helpless. On the Dragonfly, I had no armor of a spaceship surrounding me. And there were no other asteroids behind which I could hide.

But it worked. Unnoticed, I arrived at the Starfarer. I parked the Dragonfly very close to the wreck to make it look like it was a wreckage.

I searched the whole wreck. The corridors were awfully dark. I wondered why I always fly through dark wrecks and almost shit myself in the pants.

No one was in the cockpit.

I found the captain in his quarters. I wanted to get access to the logbook, but there was not even emergency power. The systems were completely dead.

Finally I found the guy. He was a security officer on board. I could definitely confirm his death. He was floating, helmetless, in the vacuum of the destroyed cargo hold.
I searched him and found a note in his pocket. My eyes widened, I could not believe it. The note read: “Directions to Jumptown”. Finally the decisive hint.