Log # 11 – Check Outpost on Cellin after an Attack

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I was ordered to retrieve a box from an outpost that was attacked.

After recovering from my injuries on Port Olisar, I returned to Grim Hex. There I met a guy in the bar. His armband made it clear that he did not care about the law. He said I should fly to the Shubing Mining Outpost on Daymar, where I would get further instructions.

I arrived at night, the lights of the outpost shone lonely in the dark.

Crusader stood low above the horizon and seemed even bigger here than in space.

In the living module I found the data for a job at a terminal. An outpost on Cellin had been attacked. My job was to fly there, to check the situation and to look for a marked box. I should retrieve it and bring it to Daymar.

Since I had no information, about the current situation at the outpost, I landed at some distance. First I wanted to check the situation from a safe distance.

I took the sniper rifle with the good optics from the weapon mount. Good if you have a choice.

I walked to a point where I had a good overview of the outpost and looked through the scope. The complex seemed to be destroyed, there was no one to see.
My plan was, to get in quickly, get the box and get out quickly.

I flew the last part with the Cutlass and landed directly in front of the outpost.

I took the shotgun, opened the side door, and risked a look out of cover. Everything was still quiet. The sun was just setting and the station was already in the shade. I had to hurry if I wanted some light.

Carefully, I approached the building. The airlock had been blown out, there was no more atmosphere in the station.

Everything was destroyed. In the low light, I could see that this was once a research station or an agricultural facility. Something was planted here. What the hell did Shubin Mining have to do with plants?

I found the box and brought it to Daymar. It was daylight when I arrived at Shubin Mining. I brought the box, as agreed, to the Mining Control building.

Directly in front of the building was a Misc Razor parked. The airlock had atmosphere, someone was in the building. That was strange, I had not expected that.

I put down the box in the building and looked into all the rooms. And then I stood in front of a heavily armed figure in the armor of the Sand People.
Who was that?