Log # 9 – First Missions

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I got some not really legal orders.

GrimHEX was a dead end. There were signs that Kylo was here, but I did not get any information about Jumptown, no assignments and my meeting had not taken place. After all, I was able to sell my remaining medical supplies. I decided to follow the clues I received about Shubin Mining.

I did not want to arrive at Daymar empty-handed at Shubin Mining. My plan was to earn some money with trading and bring Distilled Spirits to Shubin Mining. I already had good experiences with that. First, I flew to Benson Mining Outpost on Yela.

I had just arrived when I received a message. The mission was to destroy some surveillance satellites posted around GrimHex. This was the chance to increase my reputation on GrimHEX and get more information there.

The satellites were resilient, or my weapons too weak. But I managed to destroy the first ones. Then Crusader Security appeared and attacked me. Destroying satellites was one thing, attacking people something else. I’m not a killer and I did not want to fight. I managed to evade the attackers, destroyed the last satellite and escaped. Nevertheless, I got a high crime stat.

And then came the next message. This time, the mission was to pick up a box on Daymar and take it to Cellin to a secret location. No problem, I thought to myself and flew to Daymar. The outpost was on the dark side. It was not listed on the map. I approached in stealth mode to attract no attention.

I wondered what was in the box, but did not open it.

The coordinates on Cellin led me to a camp. Only a roof under which many boxes were. Was it all stolen goods or goods for the black market? I added my box.

And immediately came another message. I got coordinates, far out in space. The job was to recover a box from the wreckage of a caterpillar.

I was thinking how should I find a single box in this big wreck.

But the box had a tracking device, which led me directly into the engine room. It was pitch dark in the wreck. I was worried that something was lurking outside my cone of light.

Everything went smoothly and I brought the box as desired to Daymar.

And another job followed. I should get a box again, in another place on Daymar. It was interesting that all missions had to do with Daymar. Shubin Mining was on Daymar, if there was a connection?

When I arrived at the outpost, I was surprised. It was a package of medical supplies. At least it was labeled as Medical Supplies. What was really in there?

The destination was GrimHEX. However, I should take the old destroyed cargo ramp and not the official entrance. Many debris flew around and I damaged one of my engines.

There was no gravity in the old freight hall. I flew in EVA and past supply lines to the airlock.

Behind the airlock, there was gravity and atmosphere again. I was right on the lower deck, behind the bar. That was probably the supplier’s entrance for the special goods.

I was not surprised that I had to hand over the package in the Admin Office. In this Admin Office not only official things were regulated.

It was the same guy as when I arrived in GrimHEX. He winked at me and said, “Welcome.” He gave me a bottle of Radegast and told me to get rid of my Crim Stat. Then someone would contact me again.