Log # 8 – Arrival in GrimHEX

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Arrival in GrimHEX and missed meeting.

After getting the coordinates of GrimHEX and a new cutlass from the insurance company, I prepared the flight. I had heard that in GrimHEX Medical Suppplies were in demand. So I bought some. The stuff was pretty expensive. I did not have enough money to fill the cargo hold.

The approach to GrimHEX was spectacular. A space station in an asteroid, hidden in the middle of the asteroid belt of Yela.

The mood was a bit dark, only dark and red lighting.

An elevator took me down, deep into the core of the asteroid. Here I found the admin office and the terminals for trading. I could not sell the whole cargo, it looked like that the need for medical supplies was not that great.

I rented a HAB to stay overnight, maybe they would buy the rest of my goods the next day. The admin office looked pretty dilapidated, I wondered if the guy lives here. I did not get any info about Jumptown from him. He said that you have to prove worthy before you can find a connection here. I gave him my contact details, if he had a job, he could contact me.

As dilapidated as the Admin Office were the HABs.

In comparison, Levski was a decent place.

Still, this place was impressive, this huge hall, in the middle of an asteroid.

And there were interesting shops. In the clothes shop there were crazy T-shirts. Everything the outlaw needs.

They even had railguns in the gun shop. I did not know that they were free to buy.

And then I saw the helmet that Kylo had. He must have been here, I was on the right track.

I walked a bit through the corridors and finally went to the bar. I wanted to meet the guy, that I saw at the Covalex Shipping Hub Gundo, from whom I got the coordinates of GrimHEX.

The bar was also more of a dirty type, but no matter. There were good, high-proof drinks. I sat down at a table and waited. The guy had said he wanted to meet me here. So I sat there and waited and waited. I drank one drink after another. But nobody came.