Log # 7 – Investigations at Gundo

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I got a mission for investigations at Covalex Shipping Hub Gundo.

After my Cutlass was destroyed at the Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics Outpost on Daymar, a dealer took me to Port Olisar. Luckily, the Cutlass is insured. As I sat in the waiting area and looked at Crusader, I met a woman who also had an insurance claim. Her husband died in an accident on the Covalex shipping hub Gundo. The entire crew of the station was killed in this disaster. And her husband is blamed for this incident. Therefore the insurance does not want to pay.

I do not know how she got it, but she asked me if I could fly to Gundo to seek evidence. No matter if I prove his guilt or innocence, she would be very grateful and pay me.
I had nothing better to do and said yes. From the insurance I got an Aurora, until my new Cutlass is available. This time I wanted to be better equipped. You never know who you meet, especially in a deserted place. After my recent experiences, I realized that trigger-happy people are everywhere. So I went to the gun shop and bought a bigger gun.

I started with the Aurora and flew to the Covalex shipping hub in orbit of Daymar. The station looks bad, the explosion must have been huge. Debris can be seen everywhere. I found a hole in the shell of the station that allowed me to get inside. In EVA I went into the station, the weapon at the ready. There was no atmosphere and no gravity in the station. There was only emergency lighting. My nerves were tense to travel.

Some terminals were still active and I found some messages. There was probably a technical problem, but it was not clear if someone neglected his duties. Definitely a party was celebrated. Some empty bottles flew around.

Via lift shafts I came to the various decks. I floated through the dimly lit corridors and checked every terminal and every laptop.

Suddenly I saw a huge figure. I first thought of a Vanduul. I was scared and almost lost my weapon. But it was only my own shadow. This station is jinxed, the spirits of the dead are still in the walls, I can feel it.

In the server room I was able to hack the log files. I found evidence of unauthorized transfers. The source was one of the dormitories. So I moved again through the corridors with all the ghosts to the quarters.

The door to the bedroom was closed. I opened the door and floated in. The door closed behind me, darkness surrounded me. I saw ghosts, fingers reaching for me. I turned on the helmet lamp. In the light cone I saw no ghosts and no fingers, but a laptop. And on the laptop the crucial message. Someone has disabled the security protocol to smuggle. So my client’s husband was not to blame, that was proof.

I relaxed and floated back to the entrance. I triumphed already. After all, I have clarified a case that the official investigations had not solved. Humming a song, I floated around the last corner and froze. There was someone in an outlaw armor. And this time it really was not a shadow. The guy floated right in the hole through which I came in. He had a box in his hand and let it fall.

He seems as scared as I am. It turned out that he only collected some loot. He was glad that I did not shoot him immediately. He invited me for a drink and gave me the coordinates of GrimHEX. I should meet him there in the bar.

Back on Port Olisar my client was extremely grateful. She talked and talked and was overjoyed. She got the money from the unsurance company and gave me an Arclight Energy pistol with gold fittings. Now I’m the man with the golden colt, fine.
But more importantly, I have the coordinates of GrimHEX. A derelict mine hidden in the asteroid belt around Yela. Apparently there are now shady transactions to be made there. Maybe I will learn more about the business of Kylo there and get new hints of Jumptown.