Log # 6 – First trade with bad ending

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My first trade that did not end well.

Back on Port Olisar I talked to some dealers. They did not have any information about Jumptown. But I’ve got tips on trade routes around Crusader. A good opportunity to get to know the 3 moons of Crusader and the outposts.

I fully loaded the Cutlass with Agriculture Supplies. My first destination was Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics on Daymar. I like Daymar, the sand reminds me of Ashana.
Selling and buying is easy at the trading terminal in the station. I flew on with Processed Food in the cargo hold.

The next destination was ArcCorpMining 157 on Yela. This first approach to the moon Yela and his asteroid belt almost blew my mind. It is fantastically beautiful. ArcCorpMining 157 is a slightly larger outpost and has landing pads. It was night, and the view of the rings was great.

I went on with Fluorine in the luggage. I did not feel very comfortable with so many gas containers in the hold. Without any problems I reached the Hickes Research Outpost on Celin. Here I bought again Agriculture Supplies. They were significantly cheaper than on Port Olisar. Now the roundtrip could start all over again. Agriculture, mine, research station.

This time I went to Galette Family Farms on Celin. I bought Distilled Spirits. I thought that’s what people in the mine are more excited about than food. And the profit is greater. With the high-percentage cargo I travelled to ArcCorpMining 141 on Daymar.

My goods were received with enthusiasm. The steward in the warehouse had a drink with me. And then one more and one more. Over time, he has become talkative. He could not say anything about Jumptown. But he scolded Shubin Mining. A large mining company that also has a mine on Daymar.

The steward told me that Shubin is involved in dark business. In the Odin system they would even make common cause with pirates. Also not everything what they do here on Daymar is legal, that’s because Arc Corp Mining has disadvantages. I thought I might get information about Jumptown at Shubin mining.
But I did not want to arrive there and ask questions empty-handed. That’s why I flew to Bountiful Harvest Hydroponics to buy Distilled Spirits.

When I stood in the station at the trading terminal, I suddenly heard gun fire. Big ship weapons. In this tough situation I did not want to have expensive goods in the ship. That’s why I stopped the purchase immediately. I heard a ship being shot at, that could only be my Cutlass. Then bullets crashed down on the station. Sparks flew from the ceiling, the noise was deafening. Who the hell is shooting at an outpost? Going out was too risky, so I went to a window. As I looked out, I saw the shields of my Cutlass glowing and collapsing under the heavy fire. First, the left engine broke, then the right.

The attacker identified himself as Leevah. He sent a message over the global chat: “Take an escort or pay the price.” Damn it, hopefully somebody will catch him, I’ll spend a drink or more.