Log # 5 – Bad start in Stanton

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Barely arrived in the Stanton system, I had to go to the Security Outpost Kareah to get rid of a crime stat.

Here I am, in the Stanton system. A type G star, 4 megacorps, 4 planets: Hurston, Crusader, Arccorp and Microtech.

Kylo once said that he got the most lucrative goods in a place called Jumptown. It is located near Crusader, the second planet of Stanton. However, nothing was recorded on the star map. So my  first destination was Port Olisar, a station in the orbit of Crusader.

It is very busy here. Many ships come and go. Port Olisar is on Crusader’s trading routes and acts as a gateway to Crusader Industries. And for me, there is probably too much going on here. During the landing approach I rammed another ship. Great, I got a Crime Stat.

To my surprise, I was able to enter the station without any problems. I landed and walked through the airlock. No customs, no controls. They are looser here than in Levski. I looked around the station for a while. There is everything you need. EZ Habs for sleeping, an Admin Office and shopping: handguns in Live Fire Weapons, armor in Garrity Defense, clothes in Casaba Outlet and ship components in Dumper’s Depot.

The shop assistant in the gun shop told me there was a way to get rid of the crime stat. It would be risky and not legal. In orbit of Celin, one of Crusader’s moons, is the Security Outpost Kareah. There is a terminal which you can hack. This is how to delete the crime stat. However, guards would often be there, but not always.

That sounded like a good opportunity. I did not want to start as a criminal in Stanton. So I set off directly. However, I had to fly around the gas giant Crusader because Celin is on the other side. That led me past a Cry Astro Station. I made a stopover to repair my ship. Again, no problems with my Crime Stat. Now I know why Kylo liked to do business here.

When I arrived at the security post, I did not trust my radar. No spaceships, no patrols. The landing pads were all free, so I just landed.

I heard rumors about the Black Sheep Alliance. They would secure the station with the utmost severity. I got weak knees and did not dare to open the stern ramp. I opened the side doors and ventured a look. It was all quiet and no one to see. Was that the calm before the storm? I jumped out, drew my gun and walked quickly to the airlock.

The inner airlock door opened. I expected a hail of bullets, but nothing happened. Still calm. Carefully, I slipped through the corridors. Could it really be that nobody is here? I found it eerie and did not trust the peace.

I found the main hall with the terminal quickly . I had some experience with hacks and got into the system quickly. I installed a bot, which searched the files for entries with my name. The search took very long. I was scared that someone was coming. Especially the windows above worried me. This was a very exposed position. Since the bot worked independently, I searched a hiding place. From there I watched the progress on the big screen. And finally came the message, entry found and deleted.

It was still quiet on the station. I became more courageous and I was no longer a criminal. So I looked around a bit. I found a munitions store, but only for large weapons. So nothing for me. At that moment, I realized that I would not have been able to do much with my little Energy Pistol if there had been a firefight.

It was time to disappear. I returned to Port Olisar.