Log # 4 – Depart for Stanton

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There was an incident on Levski and I had to leave for Stanton.

We have the year 2948. This morning I received two scary messages. The first message was from Kylo. He sent me the access codes for his Cutlass Black in case of an emergency and said that Levski would not be safe for him anymore. My hair turned up, what kind of emergency would that be?

The second message was a public message from Station Security. A body was found in the old corridors on the lowest level. The pictures were clear, it was Kylo. I was sick in the stomach. Was I in danger now? After all, I worked with Kylo.

Frantically, I packed my things and went to the hangar. Maybe it would be better to leave Levski first. I had no idea what was going on.
And all of a sudden, I became owner of a spaceship. That opens up possibilities.

I stood in front of the Cutlass Black, thinking about where to fly. Kylo once told me that he did the best business in the Stanton system. The four planets of Stanton were sold to megacorporations and are thus privately owned. It is not the UEE but private planetary security teams that enforce the local law. Ideal for business that is only half legal.

The only problem, I had to cross the Pyro system. There are two difficulties here. On the one hand, the radiation that still dominates the system after a nova. On the other hand, the Pirate Outpost Ruin Station is located in Pyro.
I saw no other possibility and made my way. In the Pyro system, I activated the stealth mode and flew close to the boulders. My hope was that nobody noticed me.

But suddenly a loud bang. Because of the stealth mode, I could not see anything on the radar. The damage report went to yellow. Am I cracked against the rock? I was pretty close to it. Out of nowhere, a red Aurora raced past my cockpit. Pirates, I have been discovered. Quickly I put energy back on the shields and raised the weapon systems. I hung on the Aurora and attacked her. My god was it agile. It had to have a lot of updates. It was harder than I thought, dodging, targeting the aurora again, watching out for the boulders. The beast was quite unruly and did not want to break.
The sweat dripped from my forehead and the Badger Repeaters glowed. I fired rockets. Slowly blackened my vision. Then a bright flash of light, debris crashed against the cockpit screen. I had caught her.

I went back into the stealth mode and reached the jump point without further incidents and finally the Stanton system.