The Beginnings Part 3 – Everyday life in Levski

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Everyday life in Levski. How I spent my life here and got a lucrative part-time job.

Life in Levski was initially monotonous. I had a lot to do in the maintenance team. Especially at the ventilation system, there was a lot of work. It’s unbelievable that this old system supplies the many people in the station with air. A failure would be catastrophic. But there was not much more. Maintenance at the aeration, go to the bar, walk over the bazaar, sleep.

The only change was the field work. The capacitors had to be cleaned regularly and the outpost buildings had to be checked.

The rides with the Rover were fun and took me to beautiful places, from which I had a great view of Levski. So my longing for strange places and discoveries could at least be satisfied a bit.

One day I met Kylo in the bar. An old warhorse who never takes off his helmet. He claims that nobody sees how old he really is. It’s funny to see him drink his drink with a hose.

Kylo transports special goods to Levski. He would not get the goods to the station via the official channels. So he lands his spaceship at an old outpost. And this is where I came into play. As a maintenance team worker, I did not have to go through customs when I came back from field duties. And nobody cared where I drove with the Rover during maintenance.

That’s why Kylo hired me. I drove to the abandoned outpost where Kylo landed with his Cutlass Black. I took his goods into the Rover and brought them to Levski.

Working with Kylo was a lucrative extra income and an exciting enrichment of everyday life.

So I spent some time on Levski.