The Beginnings Part 2 – Arrival in Levski

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My arrival in Levski and the first steps in a new life.

After a long journey from Nul, via Vega and Bremen, to Nyx, I arrived in Levski. What a bleak piece of rock, all gray in gray. But the rock formations are interesting. And the old hole is gigantic. It can be seen from a great height.

I flinched as the big hangar doors closed over me with a loud bang. I had no idea what to expect. In any case, here one seems to value law and order. A large sign makes you aware of this already in the hangar.

At the customs there was some discussion. Why am I here, what do I want here and many more questions. I thought they were looser in Levski, but they do not seem to want to let everyone in.

Finally I made it and I stood in front of the statue of Anthony Tanaka. The little boy who died in an uprising. He became a symbol of resistance to the Empire and the Messer Dynasty. I got goose bumps.

In the admin office, I was assigned a Hub to sleep in. That was fast and easy.

My first goal was the Grand Barter Bazaar. Anyone who grew up on a black market feels comfortable here. Here you really seem to get everything, including information. I learned that technicians are being searched to service the half-ruined station. From the wreck of the Olympus on Ashana, I’m used to fixing things. This job would be a good start for me.

Since repairs are needed outdoors, I had to get me a space suit. I found what I was looking for at Cordry’s. Since I did not have much money, I could not buy a great armor. It was only enough for a few used items from different collections.
I got a job in the maintenance team. My new life on Levski could begin.