Log #70 – Legal mining and an abandoned Carrack

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Mining in the Stanton system was permitted for independent miners. During a mining run I found an abandoned Carrack.

There were so many problems with pirates in the Stanton system that the companies wanted to end the mining conflict with the activists. One less fight that they had to fight. Mining was allowed outside of the mining claims. Port Olisar became the central and independent transshipment center. From here, the ores could be exported from the Stanton system. The free peoples were able to obtain the ores at a fair price.

I took the opportunity to earn money legally. I flew with my Prospector from Port Olisar to the moon Daymar. I kept flying back and forth. It was pure relaxation. I focused on the high value ores and minerals. So I was able to earn good money in a short time.

I was back on Daymar with the Prospector when my scanner found a strong signal. I assumed it was a large cluster of minable rocks. To my surprise, I found a Carrack standing in the sandstorm. She seemed deserted and did not respond to calls.

I landed on the roof of the Carracks hangar with the Prospector. From here I had direct access to the EVA door. Space was enough, I could land without any problems. When I climbed out of the Prospector, the wind almost blew me away. The sandstorm was violent. Sand pattered against my helmet. The Prospector swayed back and forth.

I struggled against the wind and went to the Carrack airlock. I tried to open it. I tried a hack, with the multitool, the emergency opening, nothing worked. The door was locked. I couldn’t get in.

I looked through the window into the airlock if I could see anything. There was nothing to be seen. Then I slammed my helmet against the glass. A violent gust of wind had caught me. It was briefly black in front of my eyes. Then I heard a high-pitched sound like metal scraping metal. The Prospector was moving more and more in the wind.

I decided to keep flying before something happened. Too bad I would have loved to see a Carrack from the inside again. Or take this Carrack with me. That would have been a lucrative loot.